Matt Goldenberg

Graphic Design

Matt has worked with Adobe for over a decade, most of which has been designing collateral for Fortune 500 and nascent companies alike. He is constantly learning and expanding his skillset, having extensive knowledge of programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office Suite, Canva, Balsamiq, Sketch, and many more.

Whether you need to visualize data or a concept, or you need a comprehensive marketing campaign, Matt has the technical skill and marketing experience to provide just the right amount of graphics support.

Presentation Design

Matt has worked to design hundreds of pitch decks over the course of his career. His decks have won over investors and impressed clients across a number of industries. Whether it is a new app, new product, new brand, property investment, or any other form of pitch, Matt can help craft a story and then craft a pitch!

His extensive Powerpoint and PDF experience translates to quick turnarounds for pitches needed on a tight timeline. That being said, he also has experience designing pitches in Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi, and more. Pair that with his growing knowledge of After Effects and Motion Graphics and you can expect a truly bespoke presentation experience!

Goldenberg, Matthew.jpg
Amazing job. Was willing to work with me and be flexible with my constant editing needs.
— Lincoln S.
Thanks! It’s always easy working with you!
— Drake G.
Thanks Matt! The client really likes the materials.
— Rob C.